I advise brands, investors, and business owners on increasing their organic revenue.

Carl Hendy is founder of Audits.com. Previous B Corp award-winning agency co-owner (acquired).

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Carl Hendy

Carl has 18 years of experience in SEO and ecommerce advisory roles, covering both strategy and technical execution. Carl has previously worked on SEO strategies for BlackRock, British Airways, Aviva, John Lewis, O2, Eventbrite, Marks & Spencer, NAP Group, Audley Travel and BetFair. Carl competed within the most competitive search verticals such as travel, fashion, iGaming, health, credit cards, and insurance.

Carl has previously held roles as Co-Owner, Strategist, and Board Member at B-Corp awarded Reddico Digital, which was acquired by the SideShow Group in November 2021. He has also served as Global Head of SEO for the UK’s largest SEO agency and as VP of SEO for the largest independent digital marketing agency in Europe.

Carl has acted as an advisor to a number of global Venture Capital and Private Equity companies globally, helping support their company portfolios for organic growth through due diligence assessments and strategic guidance.

Core Competencies

  • Organic channel growth
  • Domain / website M&A due diligence
  • Building and structuring digital teams
  • Bringing channel management inhouse
  • Resolving Google algorithmic issues
  • Website and brand migrations
  • Market opportunity advisory (SOV/TAM)
  • Technology and platform selection
  • Competitor analysis and insights
  • Building case studies for SEO investment


Carl has launched, acquired and sold multiple web assets and companies. Whilst he spends most his time on client work, he has a few side projects gathering dust.

Audits trusted by brands, investors and in-house teams.
B-Corp award winning SEO agency. Acquired.
Currently being redeveloped.
Voice.com sold for $30m 🤞