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Google Penalty Recovery

Are you losing organic visibility and revenue?

Whether you’re positive you’ve been penalized or you’ve experienced an unexpected loss in rankings and traffic, I bring extensive experience in diagnosing, assessing and completely removing Google manual and Google algorithmic penalties. 

Using a proven, hands-on process rooted in Google’s best practices, I’ve lead devastated businesses to total recovery from severe penalties of all kinds with an exceptional rate of success.

Google Penguin Penalty & Unnatural Links Removal

Full Website Audit

I’ll gather data, review your analytics and assess the impact on your visibility to confirm your site’s issues are Google Panda-related, painting a clear picture of which content is negatively impacting your website and why.

Detailed Recovery Plan

You’ll be provided with a detailed outline of everything we’ve discussed and a customised plan for recovery. 

Whether it’s removing duplicate content, implementing technical fixes or revising your website’s content, you’ll know exactly how to start regaining visibility.

Thorough Link Profile Audit

Using a combination of leading-edge assessment tools and meticulous manual review, I roll up my sleeves and dig into your backlink profile, hunting down problem-causing backlinks, identifying unnatural linking patterns and clearly documenting everything I uncover in a report for you to review.

Collaborative Review

I’ll share my findings and clearly spell out the details behind your penalty. You’ll know precisely which links have caused problems and avoid removing healthy links that still benefit your business. 

From here, we’ll be ready to confidently undertake a recovery effort and earn the support of your internal stakeholders.

Toxic Link Removal

I’ll lead your team step-by-step through the creation of an outreach and removal plan. From there, we’ll start executing; contacting webmasters and cleaning up the mess. 

I’ll help you avoid dangerous pitfalls and sidestep time-wasting activities that can slow down the recovery process to keep things moving quickly.

Disallow Implementation

When all possible links have been removed, I’ll implement the disavow tool on your behalf to mitigate the impact of any remaining links, ensuring your request is filed quickly, completely and 100% accurately to avoid any complications.

Collaborative Review

With the information gathered, we’ll have a transparent discussion of the problems, causes and plans for recovery where I’ll share everything I’ve found during my assessment. 

I’ll help you get all necessary stakeholders on board (including those testy web developers) and arm you with the insights you need to make informed business decisions regarding your search marketing.

Reconsideration Requests

After a thorough clean-up, I’ll file a reconsideration request that’s completely in-line with both Google’s recommended best practices and bolstered by industry-proven approaches. 

You’ll have peace of mind knowing no detail has been overlooked.

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