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iGaming SEO Consulting

I have worked with super affiliates and small white-labels, up to the largest betting brands in the world. Operators that I have consulted for include PokerStars and PartyPoker, FoxyBingo, Betfair, Bwin Sports Betting, PartyCasino and I have also worked with affiliate sites, such as This work has ranged from one-off projects, up to large global campaigns spanning over 30 target markets.

Dominated the most competitive keywords

Dominating top revenue traffic / real money player terms and growing brand to leader in organic visibility and traffic.


Sports betting core keyword priorities

Analysing key sport events. Planning and execution of content and media to target seasonal high traffic keywords.


Focus on core bingo keyword targets

Achieving position one rankings for the most competitive keywords within bingo. Focus on high conversion keyword targets.


Key casino game ranking targets

Focus on core current casino games and slot games. Planning ahead to ensure rankings exist as new casino games are launched.

Having competed at the top of Google for Poker, Casino, Sports Betting, Slots and Bingo, I know what it takes to get a new brand ranking and to keep an established brand at the top. It requires someone with insider iGaming SEO knowledge and a fully rounded digital expertise, from working in other verticals.

I work with affiliates, operators and platforms to build a long term vision, both in terms of brand and SEO strategy. I’ve seen far too many iGaming businesses get lured into the short term gains of black hat SEO methods, gambling on their long term future. More than half of the iGaming SEO campaigns that I’ve worked on, have started with a Google penalty to fix, or thousands of harmful links to remove.

It’s tempting to take the fast and cheap approach, but ultimately, the winners are brands like my past clients, PokerStars and FoxyBingo. They took the slow and challenging route, eventually dominating their verticals in Organic Search, achieving significant numbers of RMPs (Real Money Players) month after month and at the lowest CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) of any marketing channel.

iGaming SEO Strategy

Whether you’re launching a new brand, moving into a new market or looking to improve an existing brand, I can build a comprehensive SEO strategy to make you a market leader. Technical SEO is a major stumbling block for iGaming websites, especially white-labels.

My technical expertise and experience with multiple iGaming platforms, will enable you to implement solutions to even the most complex on-page SEO and architecture issues. An off-page strategy is essential in the competitive world of online gambling, so I will tailor a bespoke link building plan based on your priorities, existing authority and budgets.

LTV / Conversion Optimisation

A real money player is only valuable to you if their LTV (LifeTime Value) is high enough. Different marketing channels, ad campaigns and even Organic Search keywords, can convert into vastly different LTVs.

I work with iGaming brands to identify what the best converting and highest LTV traffic sources and keywords are, to influence marketing priorities and budget allocation. I also help clients to build high converting and SEO friendly landing pages, each targeting different keyword groups and search intent

Google Penalty Recovery

There are not many established iGaming websites that haven’t received a Google Penalty, blacklisting or ranking suppression at some point in their existence. SEO Agencies feel pressured to show results fast, and operators want to see RMPs flooding through the door to justify marketing spend.

Dealing with the aftermath takes a lot of time and careful planning – you have one shot at getting back on Google’s good books. I have dealt with countless “Re-inclusion Requests” over the years, auditing link profiles and cleaning up bad SEO signals. After submitting a “Disavow” file to Google and successfully getting re-inclusion, a clearly defined SEO strategy is needed to prevent it from happening again. 

Websites go on “probation” once they’re back in the index, with even the slightest Spam signal triggering another penalty. I can lead your recovery, communicate with Google on your behalf and set out the roadmap ahead.

Mobile SEO for iGaming

Many operators see SEO traffic from Mobile overtaking Desktop, as well as mobile traffic in general shooting up. Google has shown different search results to mobile users in the past, prioritising those that are fast, responsive and have a good mobile user experience. 

These mobile results are slowly becoming the default for Google, though, who have also introduced “PageSpeed” as a major ranking factor for websites.

Speed and accessibility have long been an issue with iGaming platforms, prioritising a Vegas-style experience rather than faster loading times. Platforms attempted to fix this by moving over to JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React and Ember, but these introduced their own SEO, accessibility and crawling issues. 

New technology now allows us to separate the Platform from the frontend CMS, allowing the logged-out views to load quickly and scale according to the device in-hand. 

I can provide iGaming brands with a full Mobile SEO strategy, ensuring that the SEO traffic keeps flowing.

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