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Quick Update – 27/04/2015

For those who are looking for the area that you can cancel or move your 1and1 domain contracts it seems 1and1 have blocked this area to search engines and it is difficult to find on the website therefore making it very hard for you to cancel your 1and1 contracts. To cancel your 1and1 contracts you need to visit this URL – contract.1and1.co.uk

I hate 1and1 for many reasons. 

I do not want to get into a long blog rant and  detail every reason why I hate them, but all I want to do is recommend people NOT to use them.

Over the 10 years I have been buying and selling domains I have used 1and1 – I have just over 150 domains with them and over the years I have worked out that I have spent high ££££ with them.

As I have many domains in many contracts all I wanted to do was move all my domains into one contract. I did not want to change registrant or registrar just do some very basic internal transfers, so that my account became more structured and easier to manage as 1and1’s clunky user interface is very slow and looks like something from the early 1990’s.

They wanted to charge me 1 years register fee for each domain I wanted to move (internally) – it worked out to be over £500 for admin costs – WHAT A JOKE!

Anyway I complained, as everyone knows their customer service is shocking, using text copied from Wikipedia and while most their helpdesk are unable to read and understand emails they get. I ended getting the same response 3 – 4 times before geting annoyed and give up.

Why do I  keep using them?

Well I like to keep all my domains together – but once I have saved my pennies this month, I plan to get my own Nominet Tag and have nothing more to do with 1and1.

I see I am not the only ones that agree:


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I did get a tweet from their customer service Twitter account over 24 hours later, I responded – no response still………I still have no explanation as to why it costs over £500 for some administration and no apology for their poor service.

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  1. chibuzon on

    1and1 AUTO RENEW auto 1and1 automatic renewal clause 1&1 auto renew!!!

    1and1 have proved to be the worst web hosting company (in terms of CONSUMER RIGHTS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE) in the US and in the Europe (UK).

    I signed up for 1 year’s subscription for a website and they AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED IT and posted an invoice 2 months after the renewal. I thought my subscription will end after 12 months but not in their eyes, basically they said I was a fool and wrong to think so. All they say to me by email or phone is READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and if you don’t pay up we will get AFS Collection Agency to take you to court and damage your credit ratings..

    I Seriously urge consumers to stay clear of this dodgy awful company 1and1, do not go with them if you want peace in your life or go to court for the first time in your life and have your credit ratings devastated..PLEASE PLEASE STAY CLEAR OTHERWISE YOU’LL SERIOUSLY REGRET IT.

  2. david on

    cancelled my account and was then told I was a day late and had to pay for next year in advance, which had also doubled in price. Sneaky sleezy hopeless little company!

  3. Abby on

    This is a absolute rubbish company i ever seen. I don’t know which …………person reviewed them good.
    The do not have experience or technical staff, they keep you hanging on the phone for hours, don’t call you back. They include sitemap as option in there package but don’t know how to operate the system. They keep saying sorry we will not charge for the next month, guess what they do. I have 4 months on moved to another hosting company and after cancelling with them and receiving emailing saying “You have now started the online cancellation process for a 1&1 Internet package or feature within a package, contract number………………. today i found my account was passed on a collection company.
    See my original complaint below to 1and 1:
    The fact that you actually sale a service that is not function able or stable full of bugs its worrying. You should not able to sale this service, you have not met the merit of providing the good service, no doubt I will raise the this issue with trading and whether you can charge customers 3 months in advance even after declare they want cancel is laughable, i believe it is reasonable month notice since I complained agreed to cancel. It is also disturbing and breach to have 1 or more of your employee who is going through my company products. I will pass this email to trading consumers to look at this.
    So people out there 1and1 bad news.

  4. Chris on

    Exactly the same experience as David, above. I’m paying them off to avoid the bailiffs but, judging by what I’ve read today, they may call them in anyway.

    1and1 could teach Captain Jack Sparrow a thing or two!

  5. HoneyBunz on

    Don’t go with them. They are a joke of a company. Their customer service is laughable. Don’t be fooled by their cheap prices. You will lose more money in the long run. I did. They made me spend $8 in overseas phone calls. They kept changing their mind whether I was verified or not and I was told a different story each time I rang. After the fourth back and forth of being told different stories, I gave up on them and canceled and demanded my money back. My website and domain had not gone through for a week. However, they still invoiced me one day after I canceled. I am disputing the charges as I am not going to allow them to pull a fast one on me. If they can’t make up their minds whether my account is verified, let THEM wear the cost. While they are busy trying to make up their minds, I want my money back so that I can go with someone else. Hard to believe they are this big a company when they don’t even know how to run one. They still haven’t sent a reply to my email canceling the service and detailing how they breached their own terms of service by giving me false information too many times. This is how lousy their customer service is. Give them a pass.

  6. Matt on

    They continually told me that their package could do what I needed which was to have products in multiple categories. Again and again (and again and again) they assured me that this was possible and it was my csv file. Eventually one of the technical support workers agreed that this could not be done but then stated that if I upgraded my package this would be possible so I did. Dozens of emails and calls later another technical support worker admitted that I had been misled and gave me details on how to cancel my subscription, which I did in April. 1 and 1 are still charging me and have now got a debt collector on my case and the subscription is still active even now so I will continue to be charged. W Anchors.

  7. Mike Frensham on

    They are just about the most immoral and down rite unhelpful and in my opinion dishonest hosting company on the net.

    If you are unfortunate to have signed up and you ever try to cancel your hosting account this is a real mission the page you need is hidden!

    When I tried and thought I had canceled i subsequently found out that despite canceling my account it needed further verification! Then low and behold I was billed for more hosting costs and charges!!

    I tried to complain and was told this would be a complaints dept issue NO phone number just an email to the most unhelpful punch of people who to make matters worse have very little command of the the English language

    If your looking for a hosting company GO LOOK elsewhere!!

    I for one would never use them again and would strongly advise you check the reviews of others before you think about signing up with 1&1.

  8. arty on

    dodgy , everything you read is true , avoid this company , they are scammers and rip people off big time , its what they do , beware

  9. Matt on

    I can only confirm everything that has been mentioned above. I cancelled my account with them on 6th December only to find out that it had been renewed on 14th December leaving me with a bill! A month later I get a note asking me to pay up as I’d cancelled the DD mandate and after making enquiries I get an e-mail from their “customer services” confirming that my account has been terminated. Guess what? A month later, another DD e-mail with threat of AFS debt collection. They don’t know their a**e from their elbow.


  10. Warth Publishing Inc on

    Warth Publishing Inc.
    I wish I had read the criticisms of 1&1 before I bought their package. They billed me for over 30 domains I did not wish to renew. I stopped payment on this invoice and they locked my access to my account. All I asked for was a new corrected invoice. They refused. They kept sending me whois reviews and I could not access my account to cancel or renew domains. Every invoice was filled with mistakes that I was billed for. I am lost potential thousands of dollars in revenue. I could not cancel the package because I could not access my package.
    They kept sending me more and more domains to renew but I could not access my account because it was locked. They said to unlock the package I would have to pay for the domain renewals I do not want renewed.
    They said they would credit my account with the domains they erroneously charged me for. However, they did not. They only credited my account for 8 of the more than 30.
    I have contacted the CEO and others to see if they know what is going on. No response.
    I filed a complaint with the FBI Internet Fraud Division, the Better Business Bureau and other government agencies. I suggest others who have suffered from these people to do the same.

  11. Poccahontas on

    My site was suspended because my payment card expired. I put new card details and asked them to re-instate my eShop. 4-5months later I’m still going round in circles with their support people (never the same person) and get asked the same question over and over again. The tried to get me to do configurations and background changes which I spent hours trying to follow some instructions they sent. When that didn’t work, they directed me to some funny link with .co.uk domain not .com domain that I had. I kept asking them for my .com domain and they kept directing me back to the funny .co.uk link. I said I’m fed up after 3months and was not going to pay for every day my site has been down. Was offered 2months free hosting. 2/3months later I’ve got nowhere. They are a rip off and offer awful service. All they are interested in is new customers as I keep getting emails to refer new customers to them. Hell no!

  12. mark on

    they make money out of calling. they are useless to help you by email hence you will have prove so easy to fuck u up by ringing them. no support at all although they all advertise their sheety email add on their home page. avoid 1and 1

  13. Beverly Kruger on

    And so … . 1 & 1 once again Customer Service demonstrate that this is apparently a term flexible In their dictionary
    Server goes down apparently DDOS attack because of an attack FROM our server, then the tune changes and they cannot put us back up because the DDOS attack is AGAINST our server . FINALLY, A MIRACLE! The server goes back up …….
    Then it goes back down because once again the DDOS attack is FROM our server. The solution …. log into the server and fix the problem. Great stuff! ONLY …. we cannot access our server and there are apparently only 2 people on duty – neither can do a thing to help, and oh by the way, Monday is a holiday so the folks who can help will not be available until Tuesday.
    I could have sworn that 1 & 1 were supposed to be a large company and I naively believed that large companies who advertise 24/7 support actually HAVE 24/7 support with qualified staff. Yeah I know-I’m too old to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
    Got to love it. Anyone out there on 1 & 1 – check out Fasthosts. We have a second server with them and doing lot GENUINE 24/7 support with qualified people who actually do something other than putting the phone down when you ask to speak to a manager.

  14. Scott Carson on

    Previously, I also used 1and1 hosting. I use their regular package and yes their price is very cheap. I have to admit it. But, cheap price doesnt mean good quality. My site down 3 times a week and this is very impact to my business. I cant stay any longer with them. Finally, I switch to asphostdirectory.com that I get from Microsoft site. I’m very happy with their service, they have good quality server that makes my site running faster than on 1and1. Little downtime and fast support. I would recommend their service.

  15. Jason on

    You found an email to help you!!! Boy oh boy pass it on please. I have been going round and round in circles trying to update payment. No joy! Upadte my address. No joy. Trying to find email. Guess what no joy… Useless complete and utter useless company…

  16. Andrew on

    My domain went into a “cancellation mode” due to a disabled email address which simply means they charge you for renewal, a late fee AND a domain “activation fee”. So that’s $49/year for a .com name. Wont be with them next year.

  17. Corey Edington on

    I registered a domain with 1&1, soon after I was contacted by the company and offered a website building tool for $49.99. I declined the offer as I had no intentions of developing a website in the near future, however, they still charged my credit card for the service. I contacted them and requested a refund, they agreed on the phone but I was never actually refunded the money. I received a new credit card soon after so my payment information expired and as would be expected, I did not update my payment info on their site. They then charged me another $30 fee for what ever reason, which was declined, and have been pursuing me to make the payment through collection agencies for the past 5 years. The company is a joke.


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